Next Steps:

We believe that life is a journey! And God’s desire is for us to fulfill His purpose for our life by taking that journey step-by-step, reaching our potential in Him. At The Journey, we want to empower every believer to follow God’s purpose for their life. There are several ways to do that:


The first step on our journey with God is to receive His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. This is the beginning of a new life surrendered and committed to Christ.

The next step after our salvation experience is to be water baptized. It’s an outward sign of an inward change and is a person’s testimony to the world of their commitment to Christ. Baptism takes place at different times during the year.   Click here to receive additional information about Baptism at The Journey.

Step One!
This is an informal time of fellowship and orientation to The Journey—a time for you to ask questions and share experiences.

Step Two!
More Information Coming Soon!

Step Three!
More Information Coming Soon!