The Journey

The Journey had their “Grand Opening” on Easter Sunday in 2006. A core team of about 15 people helped launch the service with 189 in attendance!

The church has experienced regular growth since their inception even though they continue to meet at the old Midway High School in Dunn, N.C.

In December, 2009, the church purchased 13.36 acres of land in front of Plain View Elementary School.

In March 2012, The Journey moved into a new phase 1 building on the property in Dunn.





“Experience The Dream” Project

The past four years have been a great experience at The Journey! God has blessed us in so many ways, most recently with the purchase of 13.36 acres of land for our new church facility. We believe this is due to the faithfulness of people praying, giving, and serving.

We have seen many people’s lives changed as a result of the ministry at The Journey, but our work has only just begun!

Our hope is to reach and influence thousands of people with the life-changing message of Jesus, but we can’t do it alone.

God has planted a dream in our hearts to build a $2 million facility that is second to none in this area, for the sole purpose of reaching, teaching, equipping, and changing the lives of people.   (Click here to view the building floor plan.)

If you would like to invest in the life of a person who needs Jesus, and “Experience The Dream,” you can make a tax deductible donation to The Journey’s “Experience the Dream” Project. Your prayerful giving may be the very reason someone gets to heaven.

Remember, your giving to this project is above and beyond your regular tithe of 10%.

On the journey together,
Pastor Andy and Terri Shaffer